Waste to energy exhibition in Bremen, Germany (5-5-2010)
Stand 266
Robert Lems

From 5-6 mei 2010
You could find DMT Environmental Technology in Hall 5 stand 266
the Exhibiton was open on both days from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 pm

The Presentation of DMT Environmental Technology
was on the 5th of Mai 2010  conference room 2
time 14.00 - 15.30 

Abstract of the presentation

Making pressurized water scrubbing the ultimate biogasupgrading technology with DMT TS-PWS® system

Robert Lems, DMT Environmental Technology:

Keywords:  Biogas: Anlagenoptimierung, Verwertungsoptionen / Biogas: Plant Optimization, Utilization, Options

Making pressurized water scrubbing the ultimate biogas upgrading technology with DMT TS-PWS® system. Biogas is one of the most promising energy sources for the future. Biogas is a waste product from e.g. landfill sites or digesters that can be applied as a green and renewable energy source with no global emissions on CO2 and hardly no local emissions on other pollutants. Currently most biogas is used at a CHP at which a large part of the energy is converted into heat which can not be used. This can result in an energy loss of 60%. But biogas can also be upgraded to natural gas quality. As upgraded biogas, the gas can be used as vehicle fuel, injected into the gas grid or transported to more efficient energy production sites by which the total energy recovery can be close to 100%.

Most important for the biogas upgrading is the removal of CO2 and H2S. A second important issue is the methane recovery and losses. In this paper the advantages of pressurized water scrubbing compared to other available technologies are stressed out. In more detail the DMT-TS-PWS® technology is explained. The possibilities for recovery of liquefied CO2 and the integration of heat-pump technology makes it the ultimate process for biogas upgrading. The result is an energy neutral plant with no methane losses and even a reduction on global CO2 emissions (instead of being neutral). DMT will demonstrate the pressurized water scrubbing
system by field experiences and show the last developments and plants under construction by
DMT in the Netherlands.



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